managing your repayments.

how to repay your home loan.

Your loan repayments can be made by direct debit from an account with ME or any other Australian financial institution.

Fortunately, it's dead easy to set up a direct debit with us – simply download the direct debit form and return it by mail or email to the address shown.

If you have a Basic or Flexible Home Loan you also have the option to pay your home loan direct from your salary or even a direct credit. 


making extra repayments.

Have a bit of extra cash burning a hole in your pocket? We'll make sure it goes to a good home. (We mean yours.)

If you've chosen a variable interest rate on your home loan, you can make extra repayments of any amount at any time by using internet banking, our mobile banking app or calling us on
13 15 63.

If you've gone the fixed rate option (whether by itself or as part of a split loan) and your loan was settled on or after 9 June 2014, you can make lump sum payments or extra repayments of up to $30,000 at any time during the fixed interest rate period without incurring a prepayment fee.

cheque deposits.

Need to deposit a cheque?

Send your cheques here, reply paid:

GPO BOX 1345
Melbourne 3001


change your loan repayments online.

Using our internet banking service you can change your repayments of your variable rate facility at any time to any amount. Simply go to “Account Details” then click “Loan Account Information” and “Change”.


taking a repayment holiday.

Don't leave your home loan behind when you go on holiday. It might get lonely.

If you have a ME home loan and have made additional repayments on your loan, you may be eligible to put your repayments on hold for a while. This gives you more flexibility to suit changes to your lifestyle, whether it's that big holiday, your upcoming wedding or something entirely unexpected.  We’ll simply take your regular repayments from what you’ve accumulated in your available funds and then leave you to your own devices.  

You can take up to 12 months holiday at a time and it’s only available on the variable component of your loan.

Give us a call on 13 15 63 and we'll do our best to make it happen.

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