changing your loan.

Things change. So do home loans. We're making it easier than ever for you to change your home loan to fit whatever's happening in your life right now.

splitting your home loan.

Splitting your loan gives you the best of both worlds. Lock in a portion of your loan on a fixed interest rate for peace of mind. Keep the remaining part variable for that extra flexibility.

A fixed rate gives you the security of knowing how much your repayments will be, as well as limiting your exposure to rate rises. A variable rate passes on the benefit of any future rate drops and allows you to make unlimited additional repayments while also giving you the ability to redraw them at any time.

Split the loan any way you like. 75% fixed, 25% variable. 40% fixed, 60% variable – even two separate fixed portions -  the choice is yours. Use our handy split loan calculator to work out what your repayments and total interest might be.

For a Flexible Home Loan, a fixed/split variation fee of $250 is payable when you request to fix or split your loan after settlement. It’s waived if you have a Member Package.

For a Standard Home Loan, Ultimate Offset Account or Interest Only Investment Loan, there is no charge for splitting your loan but you can only do this once. The interest rate variation fee of $250 is payable when you fixed. It is waived if you have a Member Package.

Our no frills Basic Home Loan cannot be split or fixed.

If you're interested in making the split happen, call us on 13 15 63.


interest in advance on investment loans.

Make interest rates dance to your own tune with a Flexible Home Loan. 

If you have a Flexible Home Loan you can request to pay the interest on your interest only variable rate portion for the coming financial year upfront, securing a fixed interest rate for the next 12 months. This makes sense for investors as it means you move your interest cost into the current financial year which could be tax effective depending upon your situation. 

 For more information on paying interest in advance, call us on 13 15 63.



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