Meet the ‘cardashians’: ME’s new ‘no limit’ credit cards

1 April, 2016

Industry super fund-owned bank ME has today released a new line of credit cards with no limit (that’s right, the sky’s the limit) to help you keep up with the latest fads and fashions. The only barrier is your ego.

There are four credit cards to choose from: cim, chloé, courtney and cris.

Each card in the set is vanilla scented and available in different shades of nude.

Cardashians By ME

In addition to credit cards, ME is also offering the ‘canye’ debit card (no overdraw facility) to responsibly manage any outrageous spending or debt complications.

Of course, each card comes with a host of extra goodies, so customers have everything they need to be their most amazing self:

 Cardashian Goodie Image -05

Full details can be found on ME’s website:


- ends-


Editor / legal notes: This fake product is in no way endorsed by and ME is in no way associated with anyone with a name starting with ‘K’. If you’re still reading this, you probably know we’re joking. But if we weren’t, we know you’d totally want one.