Why big isn't always better

Author: ME

Published at: 6/21/2016 3:28:59 PM


Why Big Isnt Always Better


With a smaller bank you’re a valued customer – not just a number.


There are times in life when size matters. New Year’s Eve parties, lottery wins and end of year bonuses are just some of the things where bigger is better.


But when it comes to your first home loan, personal service really matters, and it’s here that smaller banks offer a big difference.


Be more than a number


Let’s face it, when it comes to your first home loan, there are a lot of numbers that count – like how much you can borrow and the rate you’ll pay. The number you don’t need is the one a big lender uses to label you as a customer.


Small lenders like ME know how important it is for your first home loan to meet your needs. It has to be the right match. It should feel like a great fit. The only way you can achieve this is with the benefit of tailored service.


Enjoy service that focuses on you


Sure, it can be tempting to head to one of the large lenders for your first home – especially if your everyday banking products are with a major bank. But your first home loan is worth casting your net a little wider for – after all, it’s a far more significant step than opening a transaction account.


Chances are you have lots of questions to ask. So you need clear points of contact at every stage of the home loan experience – from discussing your loan needs and submitting an application, all the way through to loan settlement.


And once you’ve settled into your first home, it’s important to be confident you can contact your lender and receive a prompt and friendly response if you have any queries. Think about it. How many times has your current bank touched base with you to check if you’re happy with their product or the service you’re receiving?


Big savings are possible with smaller banks


You may also have a pretty tight home-buying budget. So it’s critical to choose a home loan that offers great value.


Without the costs of a big branch network, smaller banks are able to provide home loans with all the features you need at an extremely competitive rate. And because ME likes to keep things simple, we offer just two home loans - basic and flexible. Easy.  


Be so much more than just another borrower taking out a loan. As a smaller bank, the team at ME is dedicated to focusing on your needs, and providing just the right level of advice and support to ensure your first home loan is an ideal match for your circumstances.


Talk to your ME Mobile Bank Manager for expert help deciding which home loan can help you get into your first home sooner.