What really comes with your new home?

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Published at: 6/21/2016 3:28:59 PM


What Really Comes With Your New Home


Love the wall-mounted TV or charming garden fountain? Be sure they won’t be taken out when you move in.


When you visit a home listed for sale it’s a fair bet the place is presented in the best possible light. After all, you probably spruced up your own property prior to listing.


But amid the excitement of finding your next home, it pays to keep a cool head over the issue of fittings and fixtures. It can be extremely disappointing (and potentially costly) to turn the key to your next home and discover some of the features that attracted you to the place have left town with the vendor.


What you see may not be what you get


It’s easy to assume that what you see is what you get with a property – minus furniture and personal possessions. However that’s not always the case.


Okay, ripping up carpets with the hope of re-laying them in a new home seems more than just a little desperate, however the whole point is that home buyers need to be very clear on exactly what comes with the property – and you will find this information in the contract of sale.


‘Fixtures’ for instance are items permanently attached to the building. ‘Fittings’ on the other hand can be more easily removed. The grey area can be things like dishwashers, wall-mounted TVs or outdoor water features.


The contract of sale spells things out


It all highlights the need to have the sale contract checked by your solicitor or conveyancer, who can provide expert advice on what exactly is included in the sale. Speak with the selling agent about which items are sold with the property and which are not, and cross check their response against the contract.


The vast majority of buyers enjoy a smooth and easy changeover but if you have any niggling doubts, ask to conduct a pre-settlement inspection and take some photos. This will clearly show what was in place as a fitting or fixture before settlement.