What buyers really want

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Published at: 6/21/2016 3:29:33 PM


What Buyers Really Want



Forget the swimming pool; an overwhelming majority of home buyers have air conditioning at the top of their wish list.


New research by comparison site Finder found 65% of people say air-conditioning is the most desirable property feature followed closely by a carport or garage (60%).

Rounding out the top five must-haves were a backyard (52%), solar panels (33%) and an outdoor entertaining area (24%). 

Living up to stereotypes, men (62%) are slightly more likely to want a garage than women (58%). But half of all home buyers believe a backyard is a draw card.

Go for green


‘Green’ features are growing in popularity with modern house-hunters prioritising solar panels over swimming pools. As the price of electricity rises, the presence of solar panels is a big point of appeal for one in three (33%) buyers.


Skip the barbie


According to the survey, one in four homebuyers want a deck. On the flipside, features like a built-in BBQ (4%) or a water feature (2%) are a long way down the wish list.


These findings illustrate the value of doing research when considering whether to make improvements to a home especially if you plan to list it for sale.


Some eager sellers can spend big money adding features like swimming pools, when research shows it only appeals to a small fraction of buyers.


What home buyers really want*

65%        Air-conditioning

60%        Carport or garage

52%        Garden or backyard

33%        Solar panels

24%        Deck/pergola

17%        Dishwasher

17%        Swimming pool

4%           Built-in BBQ

2%           Water feature

2%           Garden gnomes


*Source: Finder