Tips for Resume Writing


Published at: 3/24/2017 4:39:30 PM

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About to start job hunting? Putting off updating your CV because it too daunting & don’t know where to start? We're here to help you create a CV that packs a punch and makes you stand out in a CV crowd!

Keep it Simple:

Your CV should be no longer than 2-3 pages in length. Keep it relevant, engaging, punchy and achievement focused. Cut out the waffle, save the stories for the interview.

Tailor it:

Tailor your CV to the role you're applying for. Unfortunately a one size fits all approach does not work when it comes to job hunting. Be sure to understand the role you’re applying for, its core responsibilities and then tailor your CV to align. Have you worked in a variety of different industries/roles? Awesome, create one for each!

Contact Deets:

Recently moved house or changed mobile numbers and forgot to update your CV? Ensure that your contact details are displayed at the very top of your CV, are current & professional. Yes, that means dishing your first ever embarrassing email address for something more professional. Be sure to include your mobile #, email address, location, visa status (if required) and a link to your LinkedIn profile. Don't have a LinkedIn account? Now is the time to make one!

Sell yourself:

Think of your professional summary or personal statement as your elevator pitch. A short, snappy paragraph to sell yourself. Don’t just assume an employer will see how your previous experience relates to their role. Instead, use a punchy professional summary to explain why you are the best person for the job!

Reverse Chronological Order:

Chrono what? This means you should display your working history from your most recent role and work your way back. Only go into specific details on your last 10 years of experience. Previous experience can be displayed in a summary with job titles, tenure & organisation details only. Unless your first ever job is relevant to the one you're applying for, leave it out.

Fill in the gaps:

Took a gap year, volunteered in the community, raised a family, renovated a home or got made redundant? Don't be ashamed, that's what makes you who you are! Just fill in the gaps to avoid any hmmmm moments.

Focus on the good stuff:

Keep your CV achievement focused .You bring so much more to an organisation than just a list of your day to day responsibilities ( yawn!). Focus less on the WHAT and more on the HOW. Increased Sales Revenue? Managed a key project? Lead some cool initiatives? Tell us about them.

No Porky Pies:

Blatant lies on your CV can land you in a whole heap of trouble when it comes to employers checking your references or background checks. Honesty is the best policy!

Technical Knowledge:

Technical Guru? Photoshop Fanatic, Social Media Superstar, Be sure to mention all of your technical skills from both in & out of the workforce.

Skills/ Education:

Software Knowledge, Methodologies – i.e. Lean Six Sigma, Agile, CI, Microsoft Office or Social Media prowess.


What do you do for fun outside of work? Coach a local sporting team, hike mountains or volunteer your time? List them for us, but again keep it punchy, don't need an autobiography.