Tips for Interviewing


Published at: 3/27/2017 2:20:46 PM

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Just landed the interview of your dreams? Awesome. We want to make sure you score that great job, too. Read on and good luck! You've got this!

What to wear:

Plan an amazing outfit that's appropriate to the company culture. If unsure, ask the recruiter what they think. Whatever you choose to wear, make sure it shows your personality and own it! Feeling good about yourself will boost your confidence, and confidence is key to landing your dream job. 

Getting to know the company:

Learn all you can about the company. What's in the news? Does the company have social media sites? Do you know anyone who works here (check LinkedIn). You can often tell a lot about a company’s culture by the tone of their communications. 

Who do you know?

Before the interview, get a list of the people you'll be meeting. Then, research their backgrounds on social media - this will give you an indication of their journey, current time with the company and even some specific   questions to ask them...why did you leave company X to join company Y etc..

Elevator pitch

Yep we said it. 45 seconds, who are you…go! Okay okay, you can take more than 45 seconds, but practice articulating your (career) journey in a nice short summary. Cut out the waffle.  This is an essential that will absolutely come up in the interview, so get cracking. 

Anticipating those interview questions…"tell me a time when…"

Make sure that you have received an up to date and relevant position description for the role. Use it like a map to navigate what responsibilities will be handed to you and what skills you'll need to accomplish them.  Spend time thinking about what projects or accomplishments will be relevant to paint you in the best light. You know it's a good look to take a printed position description covered in your notes to the interview. Show's you took your prep seriously. 


Situation, Task, Action & Result. Learn this way of answering questions and use it! 

The rough with the smooth

As part of the interview, you may be asked: what are your strengths and weakness. Consider "weakness" as development areas….and guess what, we’ve all got them. Once development areas have been identified, think of the journey you've been on to get better 

Data Data Data. 

Here at ME we're all about using data to make better more informed decisions. As part of your interview question prep can you include data as part of your answer? 

Who's' that in the mirror?

This might sound a bit weird, but it totally works. Interview yourself. Build confidence and do it in front of the mirror or even better get a friend to interview you. The you practice those answers the more confident you'll deliver them on the day.

Question Time

When the interview comes to a logical end, you'll be asked that clichéd question, "sooo, do you have any questions for us"? Yes , yes yes you do, you have three or four really well thought out questions that were gained from the great research you did on the company and the people who are interviewing you. Promise me you'll never say this; "oh I did have some questions, but you've already answered them". Promise me. Just don't.ever.never.  

Body Language

What message is your body saying to the interview panel? Are you a leg/arm crosser (closed-off / defensive), or do you show the palms of your hands (nothing to hide)? Body language is a fascinating topic and well worth looking into.

Oh, and get some sleep. These sounds like something your mum would tell you, but there are few things that will throw you off your game like sleep deprivation.