Sky gardens

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Published at: 10/27/2016 3:49:56 PM

Sky Gardens

Vertical gardening gives your garden a splash of eye-level colour.

Grow up not out. Some of the best real estate for plants can be located above ground level. And no matter whether your home is a petite apartment or sprawling acreage, vertical gardens offer plenty of pluses.

You won’t need masses of potting mix, and because plants aren’t growing at ground level vertical gardening can be much kinder on your back and knees. There’s virtually no need for weeding, and you won’t have to worry about pests like slugs and snails munching through precious plants. With a small area to keep moist, vertical gardening can also save on the time and cost of watering.

Pack hanging baskets with petunias and pansies

The sky really is the limit for creative ways to bring vertical gardens to life. Hanging baskets look great but it’s not essential to spend a fortune on metal planters. Wicker baskets, metal tea pots, and old saucepans can work well too. Line with coir for drainage, add some quality potting mix, and pack your hanging baskets with petunias, daisies, and pansies for bursts of colour. Tuck in a few herbs, and your visual feast can be a feast for the table too.

Vertical veggie gardens – easy as

Give wooden shipping pallets a new lease of life by creating a vertical veggie garden.

Most businesses are happy to give pallets away, so pick one up, hose it down, and staple heavy duty garden fabric or PVC to the back, folding in at the sides to create an enclosed area.

Lay your pallet horizontally, pack with potting mix and pop some plants in the gaps. Leave the pallet lying flat for a week or so to allow the seedlings to take root.

It’s a simple way to grow a smorgasbord of veggies. Reserve the top row of your pallet for taller plants like cherry tomatoes or capsicum, use the bottom row for trailers like squash, and grow a variety of greens like lettuce or spinach in the middle layers.

Treat plain walls to a trellis

Adding a trellis can bring life and colour to bare walls. Try attaching upright PVC piping to vertical wires. Cut holes for plants to peek out, pack with soil and add trailing plants like jasmine or ivy that will disguise the piping in to time at all. It creates a lush, living outdoor feature.

With some planning and creative thinking, it’s possible to bring a wealth of greenery to even the smallest balcony or backyard space. Even better, it can cost next to nothing.