frank's guide to hosting an Aussie Day BBQ for less than $100

Author: frank

Published at: 1/24/2017 4:34:06 PM


 Frank Australia Day BBQ


A brilliant barbecue doesn't have to burn a hole in your wallet. Check our frank’s Guide to throwing an Oz Day feast on the cheap.


Steak, salads, a few slabs of beer…struth! The cost of even a small Australia Day gathering can quickly add up. Follow our 5 steps to throwing a bonza bash and enjoy change from $100.


1. Share the love…and the cooking  $0


It’s Australia Day – time to embrace the spirit of mateship. When you send out invites ask each guest to bring a dish. It’ll cut costs, and bonus: you won’t have to slave over a hot stove for two days. Make a note of what each guest is bringing to avoid ending up with 15 bowls of potato salad (although that doesn't sound too bad tbh).


2. DIY nibbles  $20


Nibbles can take a big bite out of your budget. Bypass the store bought stuff and take a do-it-yourself approach. It’s dead easy.


Give this a go: tip a tin of chick peas into a blender, add garlic, tahini and lemon juice and zap it on high for a minute. Presto! Enough hummus to render the back patio. Drizzle a block of cream cheese with sweet chili sauce. Tear a French loaf into pieces (there’s a whole buck out of your budget), add some veggie sticks and fresh seasonal fruits, and your nibbles platter is good to go.


3. Give your meat punch – not price  $40


You don’t need $35/kg aged steak for a great barbie. Try budget-friendly cuts like oyster blade, chicken drumsticks, or grab a kilo of mince and make your own rissoles. Add wow factor by stuffing rissoles or portobello mushrooms with chopped bacon, sundried tomatoes or blue cheese.  Or skip the meat all together and grill marinated tofu or falafels on the BBQ – and let your veg friendly spread hit a six with the guests.


4. Go troppo with veggies  $15


Vegetables are cheap as chips, packed with flavour and nutrition and easy to cook. Chargrill slices of eggplant, zucchini, capsicums – heck even sweet potatoes – and pile the lot on platters without piling dollars onto the tab. 


5. Crikey! It’s a barbie not a wine tasting…  $25


Most guests will BYO beer or wine but for a wallet-wise drink grab a cleanskin red, pour into a large jug, add diced oranges, apple and pineapple, tip in a bottle of lemonade or ginger beer and you’ve got a refreshing sangria.  


Keep it lean


With planning, your $100 budget can leave your guests feeling full as a centipede's sock drawer. Work it all off with a hit of backyard cricket, while listening to the Hottest 100 countdown, and discover that good times don’t have to cost a motza.