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Residential property flash in the pan or long term performer?


Residential Property More Than Just A Flash In The Pan


Try this quick quiz. Which mainstream asset class delivered the strongest returns over the last 20 years?

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3 steps for successful pre-auction offers


Three Steps For Successful Pre Auction Offers (1)


You’ve seen a property you’re interested in but you’re not so keen on buying at auction. Rest assured, there is another way to make the place yours.

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House rules: talking tenants


House Rules Talking Tenants


Follow our five rules to find, keep and manage your tenants with confidence.



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Interest-only loans – the right choice for investors?


Interest Only Loans – The Right Choice For Investors


A recent report by the government’s money watchdog sheds light on the unexpected cost of interest-only loans.


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What a write-off!


What A Write Off


Investors can shortchange themselves simply by overlooking depreciation deductions. We reveal the most overlooked depreciation claims so you don’t miss out on valuable tax savings.


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