How to set budget goals


Ed How To Set Budget Goals


If it feels like you’re never getting ahead financially, try these three simple budgeting hacks to gain – and maintain – control of your money.


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Don't be that guy


Dont Be That Guy


Reckon you can spot a good home loan deal when you see one? Plenty of people can’t because of one simple mistake.


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Property prices double every 10 years. Or do they?


Property Prices Double Every 10 Years Or Do They


A new report sheds light on how much home values have really risen over the last decade. Discover how your patch has fared.


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Doing it for granny


Doing It For Granny


There’s a lot to love about granny. Especially her flat. It turns out granny flats are a hot new home renovation trend – one that could boost your income and your home’s value.


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What buyers really want


What Buyers Really Want


Planning a renovation or an upgrade? Here’s what Australians are really willing to pay for.


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