Property prices double every 10 years. Or do they?


Property Prices Double Every 10 Years Or Do They


A new report sheds light on how much home values have really risen over the last decade. Discover how your patch has fared.


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Doing it for granny


Doing It For Granny


There’s a lot to love about granny. Especially her flat. It turns out granny flats are a hot new home renovation trend – one that could boost your income and your home’s value.


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What buyers really want


What Buyers Really Want


Planning a renovation or an upgrade? Here’s what Australians are really willing to pay for.


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Are you making this big mistake?


Are You Making This Big Mistake


Buying a property in need of major repairs can leave investors financially skewered in more ways than one. We explain the traps to avoid.


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The new golden rule of investing


The New Golden Rule Of Investing


Investment loans have jettisoned away from owner occupier loans, and meeting one key benchmark will improve your odds of loan approval.


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