Raring to refinance? Be sure to do the maths.


Raring To Refinance Be Sure To Do The Maths


Low mortgage rates can make refinancing appealing, but crunch the numbers to be sure the decision stacks up financially.


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Move, redesign or renovate?


Move Redesign Or Renovate


You’ve been in your home a few years and it’s been doing the job well enough. But maybe you need more space, or you’d prefer a new look. What do you do, move, redesign or renovate?


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Interest-only loans – the right choice for investors?


Interest Only Loans – The Right Choice For Investors


A recent report by the government’s money watchdog sheds light on the unexpected cost of interest-only loans.


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Home and land packages – do they really offer value?


Home And Land Packages – Do They Really Offer Value


Buying in a new suburb can provide value and a chance to be part of a growing community but be aware of the pitfalls.  


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Ever checked your credit record? The right time could be now.


Ever Checked Your Credit Record The Right Time Could Be Now


Your credit record can be a deal breaker when it comes to securing your first home loan. 


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