5 budget-friendly hacks to boost street appeal

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Published at: 7/19/2017 4:33:39 PM

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5 budget-friendly hacks to boost street appeal 

Check out our five low- cost projects to make your home turn heads.

A budget-friendly makeover can bring the ‘wow’ factor back to your home, making it more inviting for family and friends to step inside. Here’s what to work on for maximum impact without breaking your bank balance.

  1. Lick of paint.
    A fresh lick of paint, or switching to a completely different colour scheme, can transform the look of your home. Start by thoroughly cleaning surfaces and fixing obvious defects like rotting window panes, then get to work adding personality and pizzazz with a burst colour. Clean windows to make them sparkle, and you’re on the way to creating street appeal.

  2. Love your garden.
    Spruce up the garden by mowing the lawn; - set the mower at a reasonably high level so the blades don’t leave patches of exposed soil, then give the lawn a good dose of fertiliser. Weed and mulch garden beds, replacing any struggling or dead plants, and prune back overgrown trees and bushes. Fix broken fence palings, and spruce up outdoor pathways with fresh gravel.

  3. Front door facelift.
    Give your front door an instant facelift by painting it in a bright colour, or, budget-permitting, replace the door altogether – consider vintage doors from recycle centres, or choose a contemporary style for a modern home. Add clusters of planter pots arranged symmetrically on either side of the doorway, and fill with flowering blooms in hues that complement the facade. Put out a fresh welcome mat or consider adding window boxes to give your home an extra burst of colour and charm.

  4. Mailbox makeover.
    Mailboxes aren’t just functional, they can also add to (or subtract from) your home’s street appeal. So, make your letterbox a statement piece that complements the character of your home. Take the curb appeal up a notch by planting a flower garden around the base of the mailbox.

  5. Dress your driveway.
    Driveways can become cracked and stained over time, attracting weeds and making the overall appearance of your home a bit ‘meh’. Hire a high pressure cleaner for a day to give the driveway a high-pressure scrub. Add a border decoration of flower beds or line the driveway with a perfumed bloomer like Murraya. Concrete driveways can enjoy a lasting pick-me-up with colour stenciling – it’s a job best left to the professionals so shop around on price.

    The big pay off.

    Giving your home curb appeal doesn’t just make the place more inviting, it can also add to your property’s value – something to think about for tomorrow even if you’re not planning on selling up today.

    One in three people say they wouldn’t even consider a property with an untidy garden, and buyers can knock as much as 25% off their offer if a home has poor street appeal1. At today’s home prices that could see your wallet-wise makeover add thousands of dollars to your home’s value.