10 things to pack in your moving day survival kit

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Published at: 7/21/2017 2:10:04 PM

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10 things to pack in your moving day survival kit

While buying a new home is super exciting, the relocating part can be 50 shades of stressful. However, there are some easy ways to ensure a smooth move – starting with stashing these 10 must-have items in your Moving Day Survival Kit.

1. Snacks.

There’s nothing like low blood sugar to turn a perfectly pleasant person into a two-headed hangry monster, so make sure you keep a stash of healthy snacks on hand. And do yourself a favour: avoid the sugar rollercoaster by choosing protein and low-GI carbs for long-lasting energy and fewer headaches.

2. A toilet roll.

Moving day can be lengthy, and you don’t want to be caught with your pants down. Make sure you pack a loo roll for when the call of nature, well, calls.

3. Remotes.

You’ve been slaving away all day, it’s 8pm and your new home is a shambles, but at least your TV’s plugged in. Time to relax – as long as you can remember which of the trillion boxes you put your remotes in…

4. Medications.

Keep any essential medication on you rather than packing it among your bathroom bits and bobs. That includes a sheet of Nurofen for that inevitable moving-day migraine.

5. Pocket knife.

You’ll need something to open all those boxes with, right?

6. Kettle (and tea bags).

Keep calm and drink English breakfast may very well be the moving day motto. There are few things a steaming cuppa can’t solve, so don’t forget to pack your favourite brew.

7. Torch.

You’d be surprised how easy it is to forget to have the electricity connected.

8. Bin bags.

Tidy as you go with a handful of extra-large bin bags. Make sure they’re the sturdy version that can take the pressure.

9. Paper plates & cups.

Pizza is the unofficial hero of moving days, and it’s best enjoyed with paper plates so you can skip the washing up.

10. Champagne.

All done? Time to christen your brand-new pad with some top-shelf bubbles.

Congrats, home owner.