Bank launches Australia's first Workplace Banking Kiosk

ME Bank today launched Australia’s first Workplace Banking Kiosk at Telstra’s contact centre in Melbourne’s CBD.

The five metre-square Kiosk is like a miniature ‘high-tech’ bank branch, which operates on an employer’s worksite.

It includes a video phone to access ME Bank’s call centre, a private office space for meetings with a banker, an ATM, and access to internet banking.

Mr Ian Hendey, ME Bank’s Group Executive Sales, said “ME Bank’s new Workplace Banking Kiosk brings personal banking services into the workplace like never before.”

“The Kiosks combine face-to-face and digital banking and address the difficulty many people have finding time to go to their bank.

“More Australians are feeling increasingly time poor and many employees are working long or irregular hours. ME Bank is taking banking to the customer, rather than making them come to us.”

“Customers continue to seek personal contact with a banker, critical for making important financial decisions.”

“Initially our Kiosk video phones will operate from 8am to 6pm and have the potential to provide banking virtually anywhere, from busy city office buildings, to factories in the outer suburbs or a mining site in outback Australia.”

Mr Hendey said Workplace Banking Kiosks are quick to build and easy to deploy, providing a fast and cost-effective way to bring the bank to the customer.

“Employers we’re speaking to want Workplace Banking. It’s a benefit they can offer their employees and a way to build their reputation as an ‘employer of choice’.”

In addition to hosting the first kiosk, Telstra worked with ME Bank to develop the technology which powers it.  

Rocky Scopelliti, Group General Manager, Industry Development, Telstra Enterprise & Government, said, “Telstra has worked closely with ME Bank to innovate and introduce new video conferencing technology that can really change the way businesses and their customers approach banking. Importantly we think it will make life easier for ME Bank’s customers while helping its business improve in efficiency.”

ME Bank is starting to offer Kiosks to larger employers that have launched Workplace Banking at their worksites.

The Bank already provides its Workplace Banking service at more than 55 worksites across Australia and more employers are signing up each week.

ME Bank’s goal is to establish the largest workplace banking network in the country, providing genuinely fairer banking directly to customers right where they’re located every day – at the worksite.



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