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ME Bank Green Card for Fairer Play

Supporting Fair Play with Football Federation Australia


Fair play is at the core of football.

Fairer banking is at the core of what ME Bank stands for – We believe everyone deserves a fair go.

In 2013, ME Bank became a partner of the Football Federation Australia (FFA) with the launch of the ME Bank Green Card for Fairer Play.

Football already has a great system for calling out unfair play with its yellow and red cards. And now the Green Card for Fairer Play adds another dimension to this system, highlighting and rewarding fairer play both on and off the football pitch.


It’s like fair play, buts its going that extra step to make sure everyone gets a fair go. Like when the other team loses a player to injury and you not only stop playing, but you turn the ball over intentionally to give them a chance to get themselves organised. But the fairer play sometimes goes unnoticed, or is sometimes only noticed on the big stage.

Across the Hyundai A-League and grassroots competition, we are calling on everyone, from players and coaches, to volunteers and supporters, to tell us about an act of fairer play that made them think “this is the way the game should always be played”.

FFA CEO, David Gallop pays tribute to the role of fairer play in football. “While players are most often judged by their skill, goals, flair and potency, football is also a game that can inspire acts of true sportsmanship and community spirit”, he said.

“Football has an important role to play in society as a huge number of our grassroots players look up to the stars of the Hyundai A-League from their work on the pitch to their work in the community.

While so often moments of fairer play go unnoticed I am very happy to announce the introduction of an award that symbolises one of the best attributes in sport – fair play.”


Nominations are now open for the 2013 Hyundai A-League Season 9 Green Card for Fairer Play Award.

Visit mebank.com.au/fairerplay.com.au and nominate from one of this month’s three acts of fairer play for your chance to win $500 PLUS the chance to win a Hyundai A-League grand final package, valued at up to $2,000!

Full competition details and terms and conditions are available at mebank.com.au/fairerplay.