General tips to protect you and your money

  • Every time you receive an account statement or other correspondence from ME Bank, check it carefully to ensure there are no unauthorised transactions. Contact us immediately on 13 15 63 if you wish to report any unauthorised transactions
  • Also contact us immediately on 13 15 63 to report any lost or stolen debit cards, credit cards, or cheque books
  • Make sure you sign all new debit and credit cards immediately when you receive them, and remember to destroy all old cards once you have started using your new cards or when they expire
  • Do not write down any PINs (Personal Identification Numbers) or passwords and do not share these with other people. Contact us immediately on 13 15 63 if you think someone else may know your PIN or passwords

Please remember: Staff at ME Bank or any of our associated service providers will never call or e-mail you and ask for your PIN or passwords. We will however ask for your password or other identity information when you call us directly.